Jeff Payne | Group Creative Director | Hudson Rouge

"It’s not hard to tell when you’ve met someone who’s the real deal. You can usually tell within minutes. A Designer’s Designer. Their appreciation for the intricate details of light, color, form, typography and the power they truly have is articulated with both instinct and depth. Alec is that kind of designer and creative director. Not only is he one heck of a nice human beings get - he’s one of those rare professionals who makes it all look easy – and frankly, you just can’t teach that. Whether he's creating entirely new brand personalities for big global brands, managing impossibly complicated multi–tiered projects, or coordinating teams in different parts of the world, I've watched him handle it all with both care, and his own unique brand of grace. Aesthetic excellence and brand cohesion informed by years of valuable experience and a critical eye for modern expression. Like I said, he’s the real deal."


Jason Koxvold | Creative Director | Hudson Rouge

"Alec and I worked together at Hudson Rouge, developing the new look and feel for the Lincoln Motor Company. He's a visual perfectionist with great taste in photography, equally capable of developing exhaustive brand guides as leading long, complicated shoots where consistency is key. But he's also a nice chap with a big heart, and a great mentor to his teams. Consummate professional."


Jon Pearce | CCO | Hudson Rouge

"To augment what others have said about Alec, I would add this: Alec cares. And caring is connected to heart, and heart is connected to craft. And no matter what you do in this business, you need all of those. Whether you're shooting a car, building a brand, or mentoring someone who's new to this business. Alec helped us in so many ways build the brand that Lincoln has become in just a few years time. That level of commitment, I think, would be integral to any agency, firm or client."


Marion Gottlieb | Manager, Strategic Planning E-Class & C-Class at Daimler

"Alec is a master at his craft. He provides a great overall creative vision and then executes. Alec is very easy to work with and a great business partner."


Rima Sinno | Creative Director

"Alec was my partner at Concept Soup. We founded the company together and embarked on a creative journey that lasted many years, with many of the ups and downs of small business. I'm glad to say the ups were far more frequent than the downs, despite a 2001 dot com bust.
Alec is one of those rare individuals that maintains his cool under pressure, manages a smile no matter what, and is continually dreaming up new ideas to help clients attain best results. He is an original thinker, an adaptive leader and a highly-skilled designer. He is also a trusted adviser and friend."


Doug Menuez | Photographer, Director

"I’m writing to express my heartfelt endorsement for Alec Vianu and Concept Soup. We’ve had an unusual relationship in that he’s been my client and I’ve been his client, so I have seen him from both sides. His passion for finding the best creative solution is unsurpassed. He agonizes over every detail for his clients, listening carefully to their needs, and then inspires his creative team. Thus, truly original work emerges that helps his clients move to new levels in their marketing and communication.

I’ve been blessed in my career shooting advertising campaigns for General Motors, Coca Cola, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, and other multinational brands in having had the opportunity to work with some of the best creatives and top ad agencies in the world, including Rich Silverstein at Goodby Silverstein, Kit Heinrichs at Pentagram, Ogilvy, McCann Erickson, VSA Partners, and many others. Alec stands shoulder to shoulder with all of them, and distinguishes himself for his fiercely original and fresh thinking.

In my work as a documentary photographer for Time, Newsweek, Fortune and other magazines, I observed at close range over many years visionary entrepreneurs, engineers and venture capitalists such Steve Jobs, John Warnock, and John Doerr building companies in Silicon Valley such as Apple, NeXT, Adobe, Netscape, Sun Microsystems and many others. I learned first hand what was needed to grow and market a new company and the intense drive required to achieve success. Alec Vianu not only shares this drive, but thrives on the same kind of pressure.

He also has all talent and tools an artist needs, a deep understanding of the language of type and design, and a keen grasp of the culture and what resonates with the intended audience. But there’s something more with Alec. He is able to tap into some deep reservoir and bring an extraordinary energy and generosity of spirit to every project, and in doing so raises the game for all involved.

In commissioning Alec and his team you are assured to be gaining a critical partner who will bring outstanding success to your project and goals-- above and beyond your expectations. There are very few people I’ve met and worked with about which I could say the same in my 25 year career, he is truly a rare human being."


Eric Walker | Creative Director

"Alec is a designer with unparalleled aesthetic. Moreover, his designs are deeply rooted in a brand's conceptual narrative. I had the pleasure of working alongside Alec on the Lexus GS, ES, SC, and RX brochures. His designs fed my copy and landed us in more than a few annuals. He also happens to be a great guy. I recommend Alec highly."


Scott Bremner | Creative Director | Siltanen + Partners

"Alec is a true renaissance man, he excels in a wide variety of fields. His approach to art direction, photography, graphic design and typography is always pushed into new and original directions. His passion for the work shows in everything he produces and he builds a solid concept around every design. He is someone I respect and admire for the quality of his work and I would gladly collaborate with Alex on any project in the future."








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